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Why We Need to Study the Bible Thoroughly

Why We Need to Study the Bible Thoroughly

Submitted by • October 22, 2020

The Bible is the most important literature in the world. It contains all of the answers to our life’s questions. If we want to grow in our Christian faith and understand life better, then the Bible is something that we need to learn by heart. Learning the Bible by heart means that we study it correctly and comprehensively instead of just merely reading it. Studying the Bible in depth is a fundamental step in our growth as Christians. David D. Murdoch, an author and a faithful follower of God, greatly exemplifies this point. David D. Murdoch has read and studied the Bible most of his life. He even studied the Bible in its original manuscript in order to understand the messages of God accordingly and more accurately. As a result of his faithfulness and dedication to studying the Holy Scripture, David D. Murdoch has been living a truly blessed life that is consistent with the will of God. This largely manifests the important of studying the Bible. In essence.

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