Where in Mumbai can I buy an authentic marathi paithani saree?

The Original Paithani sarees in Mumbai have some of the world's most expensive and beautiful sarees. They are crafted of paithani silk, which is unique to a few areas of India. Pure paithani sarees In Mumbai are made by hand or hand knitting with such care that the designs look woven into the cloth. Paithani silk sarees in Mumbai arrive with a self-edge and will indeed express your viewpoint if the simplicity and perfection of a jute saree capture your attention. The best silk combination is the Mumbai shade of paithani saree. The wearer stands out from the crowd thanks to several distinctive qualities, and the photos are amazing. Our pathani sarees are exquisite and well-made, which speaks volumes about the quality and how it has been passed down through many generations at the best paithani saree shop in Mumbai.