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What Solutions Does Blockchain Bring To The Deadly Coronavirus?

What Solutions Does Blockchain Bring To The Deadly Coronavirus?

Submitted by • February 15, 2020

The world health emergency for the deadly coronavirus is out breaking and according to the recent stats Nationwide, more than 70 new deaths and 3,100 new cases emerged in the previous 24 hours. Death cases are confirmed to 636 in china. The WHO and the Chinese government have already begun to bring out the solutions for the virus but somehow, the number of people being affected, and the laboratories and hospital facilities are not being synchronized. So to make the situation more controllable, some technologists took blockchain solutions in front of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

When such an emergency arises, finances are always a huge concern. Now when so many people in China are affected by this deadly virus, the government needs all sorts of funds to cure the patients as well as to take the required measures to stop the infection from spreading. In 2016 the Chinese government launched the charity law for enabling the private charities to develop the charity field and the interests

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