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What Lies Beneath the Waters in the Maldives?

What Lies Beneath the Waters in the Maldives?

Submitted by • October 11, 2018

Folks who love water and scuba diving find their heaven in the Maldives. Yes, it is true that the beauty above the waters of Maldives is nothing short of heaven. But, what lies beneath these waters is even more mesmerising. We are talking about the sea-life wonders that lie beneath and are equal attractions to Maldives visitors, especially to the scuba-divers.
The Name Origin

"The Maldives" takes its name from Red Sea's long list of competing origins. Maladvipa, "garland of islands" and mahila dvipa, "island of women" are most popular, without any considerable roots though. There is an Arabic reference too which spells as Maale Dhivehi Rajje which means the island kingdom ruled by Male. This is often combined by Mahal Dibiya meaning a palace. This one is also inscribed on Maldives State Emblem.
The Geographical Spread

Talking in geographical terms, Maldives is a vast spread of 500 miles in the north-east direction which is at the north of equator and south-west of Sri Lanka. The natu

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