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What Is So Exciting About Maldives Other Than Sand and Beaches?

What Is So Exciting About Maldives Other Than Sand and Beaches?

Submitted by • October 12, 2018

We all know that Maldives offers the world’s best backdrop for the perfect honeymoon experience. Its pristine beaches, crystal clear azure waters, powdery white sand, honeymoon villas, unrivalled luxury, champagne breakfasts, and the bliss of dining under the stars, account for that ultimate choice of a glamorous tropical getaway.

However, it would be amazing to know that Maldives is not just about spending lone time on the idyllic beaches of resorts like Mirihi Island, or Sun Island at Nalaguraidhoo Beach, but there are ample opportunities beyond resorts and sandy shores, especially for couples and vacationers who crave for that little extra more to explore!

While delving on a sunset cruise trip with your partner may prove the ideal choice; there is a gamut of unusual fun which is bound to enchant your mind and bequeath you with a tranquil back-to-nature experience.

We bring you 55 most enthralling activities you can experience in the Maldives, that will definitely leave you mesmer

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