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What is on-page SEO in 2020?

What is on-page SEO in 2020?

Submitted by • April 16, 2020

On-Page SEO:-On-page optimize the content or improve the meta description and title tags. on-page SEO include optimizing content,title tags, internal links and URLs.

On-page SEO in 2020:-

* Instuction on how to optimize your content:-

1. Utilize Your Target Keyword In The First 100 Words

2. Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags

3. Use External (Outbound) Links

4. Optimize Your URLs for SEO

* Optimize Title and Description Tags:-

1. Front-load Your Title tag

2. Use Title Tag Modifiers tag

3. Use Unique, Keyword-Rich Meta Descriptions

* Write SEO Content:-

1. Unique Content

2. Valuable Content

3. Content That Satisfies Search Intent

* Optimize for CTR:-

1. Use “Question Title Tags”

2. Fill In Missing Meta Descriptions

3. Use Review or FAQ Schema

4. Add the Current Year to Title and Description

* On-Page UX Signals:-

1. Push Content Above the Fold

2. Chunk Your Content

3. Have an Active Community

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