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What is Image CDN | Importance of ImageCDN

What is Image CDN | Importance of ImageCDN

Submitted by • December 20, 2019

Image CDN can help a lot with website performance, user engagement and SEO. Learn why you too should care about getting a CDN for your images.CDN is important for companies that have websites that serve a global audience. Companies like Netflix, Facebook, Amazon and CNN are all using CTNs to ensure that their content is delivered to their market segments in a timely and fashionable manner.

CDNs can customize content depending on where their visitors are. Say your business has special content for people in Australia, you can customize the media provided to them and make sure they only see it.Companies with both mobile apps and engaging websites benefit most from CDNs, because speed is one of the basic perks offered to their site users. If you want your website to have a lot of premium for images, you need to look for a CDN provider that shares your brand vision.

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