What Does Your Nail Shape Speak About You?

What Does Your Nail Shape Speak About You?
Jan 18, 2023 / Post by by Darshana Rathi
Many of us believe in astrology and of course, it's fun to know more about ourselves. We have come up with what your nail shape speaks about you.

Beromt has a 2000+ variety of nail shapes and each shape says much more about your personality.


Having this type of nail is very rare. Whoever has squarish nail are very brave. These people are very subtle and have the quality that will help in being more focused in life.

They are perfect at playing the role of a leader where ever they go.

The best tip for this kind of person is to give your best while not thinking much about the consequences.


The people with almond shape are honest, kind, and loyal. The people with almond shape nails are trustworthy you can rely on them.

These people also have a lot of ideas about everything; however, they shy away from implementing these.


People with Oval shape have high social skills. They are very trustworthy. However, people with oval shape have to work hard and, surely, they will achieve success in life and their hard work will pay off.

4) Coffin

If you choose a coffin-shaped nail, you are highly fashionable and daring, and you sure know how to stand out. It adds so much flare to the nails even with just a plain color on them.

5) Claws

People with claw nails are Creative. Claws are not for everyone, so if people have claws, they are bold and strong. It’s very daring and can be dangerous at times, but can also be so much fun!

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