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What Are The Seven It Project Risk

Submitted by • November 30, 2018

Define predecessor, successor, and parallel activities. Give a real world example of each. – (10 Points)In the context of critical chain project management, what is resource contention? (5 Points)Define the following and give a real world example of each (other than the ones described in the text book): Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish, Start-to-Finish. (10 Points)Assume the following activities for a project along with their estimated duration's and predecessors. Describe how critical path analysis would be applied to this project, and calculate the critical path. Define the concepts: slack/float, expedite/crash, and fast tracking and explain what their implications are for this project? (20 Points)Draw AON diagram Calculate Possible Activity paths-identify critical path Activity Estimated Duration in Days Predecessor A2 None B4AC3AD1C,BE1C,DF3D,EG2F What are the seven IT project risk management processes? (5 Points)What is a risk response plan? What should be include

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