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What are the Main Prerequisites to Participate in M-Commerce?

What are the Main Prerequisites to Participate in M-Commerce?

Submitted by • November 30, 2020

M-commerce, aka mobile commerce, is not only the trend but one of those practices that brought revolutionary changes in ecommerce. Though m-commerce is the subset of e-commerce, it is equally contributing to the success of online businesses.With the increasing count of mobile users, the mobile-first approach primarily came as one of the important ranking factors for websites on search engines. When merchants found that their ranking is degraded because of responsiveness issues, they came up with another website explicitly optimized for mobile phones. The mobile users were directed to the mobile-only version and others to the web view. It served well for quite some time, but mobile devices and varying screen resolutions created another hurdle. It’s practically not possible to have the website designed distinctly for different configurations, it’s costly as well as the critical task to manage it that way.

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