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Vertical feed mixer noise solution

Vertical feed mixer noise solution

Submitted by • July 26, 2019

Vertical feed mixer noise solution
In the process of using the vertical feed mixer, we should always check the hammer shaft and pin of the vertical feed mixer to prevent the hammer shaft from breaking and the pin falling off, so that it can be repaired and replaced in time. The motor bearings are cleaned and greased every three months or so.
If the vertical feed mixer is not used for a long time, it should be stored indoors to prevent the motor from getting wet.
If you encounter a situation with high vibration and high noise, first find the cause and then solve the problem. There are three cases in which the mixer is noisy:
1. The base itself is not stable and the anchor bolts are loose. 2. The motor shaft is distorted or damaged. 3. The rotor blades are seriously worn.
We need to reinforce the base, tighten the anchor bolts, repair or replace the motor shaft, and replace the rotor.
If we find that productivity is low, we need to find out the reasons from the following three points: 1.

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