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Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification System (MODEL VPL) – Filtervac Canada

Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification System (MODEL VPL) – Filtervac Canada

Submitted by • August 1, 2020

Filtervac Turbine Oil Purifier (Model VPL) utilizes a vacuum dehydration process to remove emulsified and dissolved water from turbine oil as well as fine particulate and gasses. The Turbine Oil Purifier system are self-contained, skid mounted and offer a P.L.C. controlled full status control panel for fully automatic operation.
The Turbine Oil Purifier purpose is the removal of water from the oil. This is achieved by drawing oil into the system via the use of the system’s vacuum or an option inlet pump (Option O). The oil is than directed through an electric heater whereby it is heated to a suitable temperature of 140-160 Deg. F.
Filtervac Turbine Oil Purifier provides as a standard a Polishing Filter Vessel that is located on the discharge side of the vacuum chamber. If an optional inlet pump is chosen, the customer is able to relocate the standard polishing filter vessel to the inlet side of the vacuum chamber or can simply select an optional Pre-Filter Vessel to provide for pre-fil

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