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Used Ignition Switch for sale
An ignition switch is a switch in the control system of a motor vehicle that activates the main electrical systems for the vehicle, including accessories. Ignition switches are key switches that require the proper key to be inserted in order for the switch functions to be unlocked. On vehicles with push-button start, the ignition switch has to recognize the anti-theft code transmitted by the key before it will allow the engine to start. If nothing happens when the key is turned in the ignition lock or no dashboard lights come on when it is turned on, it means that the ignition switch has failed or there’s a problem with the wiring from the switch to the starter or other electrical components. It can also be the symbol of a dead battery. Another potential issue is that a heavy key ring can cause wear on the lock cylinder and the ignition switch allowing the switch to turn to the off position when a car hits a bump or pothole, disabling the power-steering, air bags and other systems. It leads many automobile manufacturing companies to replace the ignition switch, lock cylinder and keys.

Zaxon provides used ignition switch for all make models across USA. Used ignition switch provided by Zaxon not only have lower cost but also have a long life to be used. You may search for a nearby Zaxon store that may have used exhaust manifold for your model. You can search in the USA by zip code for used parts near you using our used parts request form.

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