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Unique Handicrafts of India

Unique Handicrafts of India

Submitted by • November 21, 2013

Handicrafts: Speciality of Popular India States
Arts and crafts are prominent in India since ages. India is full of diversity. Be it a culture or a ritual or crafts, every state is different. Even handicraft of each state is unique, beautiful and special in its own way. I feel handicraft of each state is quite typical and depicts it culture as well as people somewhere. There is lot of detailing in art of each city. Let’s have a look at speciality of each state:
Kashmir handicrafts:
Kashmir is famous for its hand –knotted carpets, paper machie, silk and hand-made Pashmina Shawls. Kashmir artisans use more vibrant colors in their work. Have a look at pictures to understand the work they are involved in.
Maharashtra Handicrafts:
Maharashtra, a second most popular Indan State is famous for its warli paintings, wooden toys, banjara embroidery, bidriware.

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