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The Spinning Cotton Yarn

The Spinning Cotton Yarn

Submitted by • December 4, 2020

Cotton is a naturally extracted plant fiber. It is drawn in the thread and then weaved to produce various clothes, bedsheets, towels, etc. Cotton is majorly grown in states like Gujrat, Maharastra, Telangana, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Haryana, M.P, and Rajasthan.
Weaving has imprinted a mark in history. Our Father of Nation” Gandhi Ji” emphasized spinning and weaving as part of the Make in India initiative. India is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of cotton in the world. Recently in October 2020, our Textiles minister’ Smriti Irani ‘ launched India’s premium cotton as “Kasturi” in the world cotton trade.
India has the second-largest population in the world, and clothing is a necessity for everyone. The cotton Yarn manufacturers in India provide for the needs of the country and export also. Sanathan textiles are also contributing by producing a wide range of yarn in a budget-friendly manner.
We would like to clarify some basic terminologies that are:
Spinning - It is a significa

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