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The Meaning of Rashifal

The Meaning of Rashifal

Submitted by • August 6, 2013

Things happen in our life because they were destined to happen with us. Our destiny is prewritten and everything in our life works according to our destiny. All we are left to do is to wonder what will happen next in our life or what’s written in our destiny that is yet to be revealed?

But the solutions are already there, it’s only us who have blinded ourselves from the truth. Astrology is the solutions all such mysteries. It keeps nothing hidden and alerts us of the probable changes in the course of our life. With the help of astrology our natal charts are prepared and our sun-sign or Rashi is revealed. Basically, the planetary positions of at the time were born decide our sun-sign. Our sun-sign endows us with certain characteristics that are general to all those who fall in that sun-sign. Sun-signs can be decided either by Indian or western astrology.

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