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Tenant Verification Company

Tenant Verification Company

Submitted by • April 23, 2020

Being one of the leading background verification companies in Gurgaon, DEWII aims at safety and prosperity of people and organizations using latest technology like face recognition and artificial intelligence for achieving this safety solution. They provide a wide range of background screening services.
When it comes to individuals, for your own safety and for your home safety it is important to check the criminal records of people whom you hire for your household. Increasing crimes against children and senior citizens, increasing theft, kidnapping and abduction are all cases of pure negligence when it comes to safety checks and thus it is better to be precautious and carry out verification for domestic workers. Background verification filtrates such criminals and helps you to be aware of people with past records.
Another important aspect when we consider individual safety is tenant verification. What can you do if you rent your property to someone and that person capture your proper

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