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Teacher Training Course

Teacher Training Course

Submitted by • September 19, 2020

Register for the Course which will Change the way you Understand
We know that working during a 21st century classroom is demanding and requires you to satisfy the requirements of a various group of learners. Oorja’s are now the fastest-growing student population and every one teachers got to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to assist them achieve school.
This 2 years course not only provides you with the ‘theory,’ it up-skills you with the simplest practices, research and methods that you simply got to’ll be ready to start applying your new learning directly , enabling you to reinforce your expertise and teaching practices.
Teachers who’ve already Trained have called it, “transformative,” “practical,” “fascinating” and even “essential.” There’s little question that this innovative blended learning course gives participants a foothold in understanding their learning content through the sensible lens of the scholars in their schools and classrooms. Each week

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