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TATA Hitachi mining Excavators – Trishul Tread

TATA Hitachi mining Excavators – Trishul Tread

Submitted by • October 29, 2018

The mining excavators are heavy machinery used for excavation in mines and quarries. It consists of a Boom, Dipper, Bucket, and Cab on a rotating platform. An arm is attached to the boom end for forceful digging into the ground. A bucket is fixed at the arm end for carrying the soil, coal or rock. In addition, there are many other categories of attachments used for boring, crushing, lifting, and ripping as and when required.

More than one-third of the hydraulic mining excavators across the world are made by Hitachi. Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co Pvt a trusted manufacturer of mining excavators in India. Efficient engines, operator-friendly cabs, advanced hydraulics, sturdy frames, powerful arm, bucket-digging forces, and accessible inspection points make them a top choice

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