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A Caveat on Implementing Shipping Software Solutions

Submitted by • August 27, 2013

Having end-to-end shipping company software can significantly improve performance and reduce costs. However having good shipping software alone is not enough. Ship owners and operators must realize that it is in having a reliable logistics infrastructure that shipping operations becomes ...

Maritime Business Solutions Can Help Prevent Accidents At Sea

Submitted by • August 7, 2013

Although unprecedented bad weather is a hazard of container shipping that can?t be avoided, maintaining the integrity of container lashings can be achieved with the proper tools. To avoid such accidents like this from happening, shipping lines should invest in ...

High Bunker Fuel Leads To Losses For Global Shipping Lines

Submitted by • August 7, 2013

A voyage estimation software will provide a shipping operators with accurate calculations of costs based on trade routes, vessel speeds, cargo weights and port calls. By alternating factors and comparing different results, operators can choose the most profitable route to ...

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