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SugarCRM Plugins – SugarCRM Addons & Versions

SugarCRM Plugins – SugarCRM Addons & Versions

Submitted by • April 14, 2020

Outright Store is offering some of the stellar SugarCRM Plugins for your CRM business that can play a role of assistance and give perfect functionality to grow up your venture. We have plugins like DocuSign, Twilio Calls, Email to lead and much more.
Tired of calling customers one by one? Get in touch with our plugin called Twilio Auto Dialer which is ready to face the responsibility of managing multiple phones and here it saves your time and no hectic moment when working on Twilio Power Dialer plugin. Now let’s find out how Twilio Power Dialer is an interesting plugin for you:-

There is no chance of missing any call. Suppose if you are talking to someone and suddenly the next customer calls you, a pop-up appears on your screen then. The choice is yours whether you want to accept or disconnect.
Want to hear the earlier conversation between you and your customers? Twilio Power Dialer offers a feature when your call recording always gets saved so a big relief here for most of you.

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