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Southern New Hampshire University Fin 550 Milestone Two

Submitted by • November 30, 2018

FIN 550 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric-overview:  For the final project, you will use this case study to prepare a financial analysis report for Home Depot Inc.  You will include in your analysis the-background calculations and managerial analysis for each of the following topics:  time value of money, stock and bond valuation, and capital budgeting.  You will-also discuss macroeconomic variables that might impact the company’s financial decision making and strategic objectives.  These topics will be covered over four-milestones to be submitted throughout the course before you submit the final project.  Note that while these elements may seem separate and unrelated,together they will present a well-rounded view of the company’s finances with regard to the topics. For this milestone, you will submit a draft of the Stock Valuation and Bond Issuance sections of the final project, along with your supporting explanations. Prompt:  Calculate stock and bond valuations for Home Depot Inc.

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