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Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Market Size, Share

Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Market Size, Share

Submitted by • September 22, 2020

Sodium acid pyrophosphate, often abbreviated as SAPP is an edible phosphoric salt available as a white crystalline powder in the market. In food and beverage industry, sodium acid pyrophosphate is mostly used as a leavening agent in self-rising and baked goods and as a quality improver for meat and fish processing. Besides food and beverage, sodium acid pyrophosphate is also used in leather industry for leather processing and petroleum industry in the drilling of oil wells as dispersants. Hence, the manufacturers are offering sodium acid pyrophosphate in food grade or chemical so that their product can be utilized in all the above mentioned end-use industries and applications. Consumers of sodium acid pyrophosphate such as bakery producers are preferring the use of sodium acid pyrophosphate as it can offer variable rates of reaction and leavening by gas production based on its granulation.

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