Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester Impurity | CAS No.: 851443-04-4

Veeprho manufacture and supply Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester Impurity of certified standard.
Name: Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester Impurity
Catalogue No. VL127022
CAS No. 851443-04-4
Molecular Formula C24H32FN3O6S
Molecular Weight 509.6
Status In-stock
IUPAC Name (3R,​5S,​6E)​-7-​[4-​(4-​fluorophenyl)​-​6-​(1-​methylethyl)​-​2-​[methyl(methylsulfon​yl)​amino]​-​
Synonyms Rosuvastatin Acid Ethyl Ester
Appearance Off White Powder
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