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Recruitment Agency Malaysia

Recruitment Agency Malaysia

Submitted by • June 1, 2020

PentagonPlus is an international recruitment agency and one of the top recruitment agencies in Malaysia. Our services include talent assessment, workforce readiness, career coaching and many more.

I can 100% identify most is about “DON’T START YOUR BUSY WORK BY CHECKING YOUR EMAIL RIGHT AWAY” because it’s got a terrible way of stealing your time. Have a blessed Christmas and A Blessed 2016!! You go to work, check your email while munching on a blueberry muffin. You spend the whole morning responding to requests and questions, and finally achieve Inbox Zero. Phew. By lunchtime you feel like you just ran a marathon. You worked at lightning speed, but were you productive?

What if you forgot about a deadline because you were more preoccupied with answering not-so-urgent emails? Sometimes there are things we do instinctively because that’s what people do at work—check emails, go to meetings, write memos, update excel spreadsheets. But being busy is not the same as being productive.

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