Raya Heritage City: A Cultural Gem Rises Near Mathura-Vrindavan

Experience Tradition and Modernity in a World-Class Setting

Raya Heritage City, a sprawling 9,350-hectare project near Mathura-Vrindavan, is poised to become a cultural and economic marvel. Here's what awaits you in this unique city:

A Tribute to Heritage:

Inspired by UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Raya Heritage City aims to surpass the grandeur of renowned locations like Ahmedabad and Jaipur.
Krishna Circuit Connection: The city will seamlessly connect to all significant locations in Lord Krishna's life. Dedicated expressways (7 km to Vrindavan and 12 km to Gokul) ensure convenient access.
Planned for the Future:

With a budget of Rs 6,270 crore, the project promises well-developed infrastructure, including:
Cultural Gems: An art museum and 12 Kathavacha Nyayalay (courts for religious discourses) will celebrate the region's rich heritage.
Modern Conveniences: Commercial and hospitality facilities will cater to residents and visitors.
Transportation Hub: A massive transport hub will accommodate up to 50,000 vehicles daily.
Education Focus: Gurukul schools will promote traditional learning alongside a modern museum and a Naturopathy center.
Green Spaces: A cultural arena and an oxygen arena will provide recreational areas amidst the development.
Effortless Connectivity:

The city boasts easy access via the Yamuna Expressway, State Highway, railways, and the upcoming bullet train.
A Vision for All:

Raya Heritage City is more than just bricks and mortar; it's a vision for the future:

Tourism Powerhouse: Aims to attract visitors and generate economic growth for the entire region.
World-Class Living: Provides residents with a high quality of life in a culturally rich environment.
Heritage Champion: Promotes and safeguards the region's historical and spiritual significance.
The Future is Now

Currently in the planning stage, Raya Heritage City is expected to see construction bids rolled out soon. With its focus on preserving heritage, offering modern amenities, and ens