Raman “R.P.” Rama, president and CTO/CIO of Sarona Hotels & Holdings, investments and premier management services, has been inducted into the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals’ International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame. Rama also is HFTP past president and founding director and member of HFTP’s recently formed India Chapter.

Mark Haley, co-founder and partner at Prism Hospitality Consulting, LLC, is the other 2021 hall of fame inductee. They were recognized for their experience and leadership in promoting hospitality innovation and technology, and knowledge sharing, a statement said.

Both will be recognized at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference in Dallas, Texas on Sept. 28. Since 1989, 49 individuals have received this award as a reflection of their contributions to the hospitality industry.

Rama, born in Malawi, migrated to India at 10-years-old where he received his education, and subsequently moved to the U.S. in 1981 where he started his profession
in hospitality. Working in a variety of positions, Rama found his niche in finance and technology.

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