Positive Impact Of Artificial Intelligence And Robotics On Employment Opportunities

In the present day, the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on employment opportunities has been a topic of speculation. There have been a lot of instances where we hear about computers overtaking human beings in many ways. According to Artificial intelligence (AI) research firm Gartner, 2020 will be a crucial year in AI employed dynamics as AI will become a positive job motivator and it would generate 2.3 million jobs. Gartner arrived at this calculation after considering the 1.8 million jobs that were made easier by automation. As a result of this discovery by Gartner, there has been a necessity for more artificial intelligence courses that prepare professionals and the world for a new surge that has been brought about by innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence. Thus, the innovations brought by robotics and artificial intelligence bring out the need for new job roles, trained professionals , innovative job roles and research and development.