Polymers and Plastics testing

Sanray’s polymers and plastics services will assist you in improving and qualifying materials and products in order to comply with international regulatory requirements.

Our scientists have decades of experience in the polymers and plastics industries and can help you refine and qualify materials and products. Our Total Quality Assurance experience, delivered with precision, pace, and enthusiasm, allows you to move forward with confidence.

Plastics Testing: Physical and Mechanical

Physical, thermal, rheological, optical, ageing, barrier, surface, flammability, and mechanical properties are among the polymer and plastic testing services that identify the characteristics of your raw materials or polymer and whether they meet specification. Our knowledge will assist you in determining how well the products are suited to the application and how they age.

Chemical Testing of Polymers and Plastics:

Formulation production, competitor material deformulation, blend comparative analysis, regulatory submission data specifications, and how polymer additives contribute to performance are all areas where our experts can help.