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Natural Premium Rosewater For Face & Skin

Natural Premium Rosewater For Face & Skin

Submitted by • July 24, 2020

Perfect for the purist, this affordable face spray is made from only one ingredient: 100% rose water. It smells light and clean, and is gentle and soothing on even sensitive skin.
Ingredients: Aqua & Organically Grown Rose Flower Petals (Rosa Damascena).
Hair Care: It can be used as a hair toner by applying directly to the scalp before showering.
Skin Care: Apply on cleansed face as a natural toner to balance pH levels & close pores.
Directions: Spray on clean skin to act as a natural toner. Use it with cotton, face pack, or glycerin daily for cleansed and glowing skin.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place and out of direct sunlight.

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