Modicare limited Real Or Fake – Login, Plan, Product 2023

Modicare is a network marketing company that executes its business plan through MLM. MLM means Multi Level Marketing. This CompanyCompany was registered in MCA in the year 1973. Since then till today, this CompanyCompany has been growing continuously. It is included in one of the top multi-level marketing companies in India. The main head office of this CompanyCompany is established in New Delhi. The Company currently has Seven Directors: Balbir Singh, Sameer Modi, Charu Modi, Bina Modi, Rajesh Nair, Anil Kumar Upreti, and Shikha Sharma, respectively. It was started on 30 March 1996 by Sameer Modi. Today it has spread over 2700 consultants with 40 centers, a huge network.