Medical License Lookup with moksh

To look up a medical license, you generally need to visit the website of the relevant medical board or licensing authority for the state or country where the doctor practices. Here are some general steps:

1. **United States**:
– For physicians in the US, each state has its own medical board.
– You can search for the state medical board's website and use their online search tool for licensee lookup.
– Example: For California, visit the Medical Board of California website and use their "License Search" tool.

2. **United Kingdom**:
– The General Medical Council (GMC) maintains the register of licensed doctors.
– Visit the GMC's website and use their "Check a doctor's status" tool to look up a doctor's license.

3. **Canada**:
– Each province in Canada has its own medical regulatory authority.
– Visit the website of the relevant provincial medical college or board and use their "Find a Doctor" or "Verify a License" tool.
– Example: For Ontario, visit the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario website and use their "Doctor Search" tool.

4. **Other Countries**:
– For other countries, the process may vary. Look for the website of the country's medical council or regulatory body.
– They often have a section for "Public Registers" or "License Verification" where you can search for a doctor's license.

5. **Search Criteria**:
– You may need the doctor's full name, license number, or other identifying information.
– Some search tools allow you to search by name, specialty, location, or license number.

Always ensure you are using the official website of the medical licensing authority to verify a doctor's license. This helps confirm the doctor's credentials and ensures they are authorized to practice medicine in the respective jurisdiction.