Managing Your NDIS Funds: How Plan Management Can Help You

People with disabilities in Australia can access government-funded supports and services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If they meet the necessary eligibility requirements, funds will be directly provided to the participants for accessing the supports they need. This NDIS funding is used to pay the invoices sent by service providers for various NDIS disability services delivered to the participants. When a provider helps the participants to manage their NDIS funds and takes the responsibility of paying the invoices on their behalf, with the consent of the participants, it is known as plan management. Those particular providers are called plan managers. Along with the management of the NDIS funds, plan managers also keep track of the NDIS spending of the participants and report back to them every month with a detailed report of the invoices paid and the remaining funds in their budget. Plan managers will have great knowledge about the NDIS and therefore, they can help the participants to expand their choice of service providers. They will provide guidance on everything from how much a service provider can charge for services to how participants can avoid overspending their NDIS funds. Most importantly, they take away the stress of having to manage all the complicated paperwork and financial bookkeeping so that the participants can peacefully focus on their goals. To include plan management in the NDIS plan, the participants can ask for it during their NDIS planning or plan review meeting. Since plan management funding is part of the participant’s NDIS plan under the Improved Life Choices category (CB Choice & Control), they don’t have to pay any additional fee out of their pockets to access the service of a good plan manager. Plan Guard is a registered NDIS plan management service provider based in Perth, WA. Contact us today to know more about our services.