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Lyme disease Paid Blood/Plasma Donation Program | Access Clinical

Lyme disease Paid Blood/Plasma Donation Program | Access Clinical

Submitted by • October 21, 2020

Whether plasma or blood, Access Clinical realizes the value of each donation you make which is why we reward you with a monetary compensation for every donation that you make at our clinic. Blood and plasma play a key role in helping individuals that are sick battle and recover from harmful diseases. This could not have been possible without donations which is why we encourage you to donate with us.

We provide a safe and comfortable donation experience for all our donors. We also help you take a pre screening test before the donation which will help you know your eligibility to donate. Our trained staff will walk you through the entire process of donation to help you understand the procedure before you donate. All the blood and plasma donations that we receive are segregated, tested, stored and then distributed to patients in need.

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