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The Skoda Octavia is not just any VW subsidiary's automobile; it is their flagship model. According to Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier, the new model is a big seller and a... Read More

Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety Conference, Asset Management Conference

At GlobalBSG, our goal is to connect industry professionals with the people they need by arranging executive events, which are tailor-made to attract the appropriate audience to expand their strategic... Read More

Veeprho manufacture and supply Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester Impurity of certified standard. Name: Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester Impurity Catalogue No. VL127022 CAS No. 851443-04-4 Molecular Formula C24H32FN3O6S Molecular Weight 509.6 Status In-stock IUPAC Name (3R,​5S,​6E)​-7-​[4-​(4-​fluorophenyl)​-​6-​(1-​methylethyl)​-​2-​[methyl(methylsulfon​yl)​amino]​-​ Synonyms Rosuvastatin Acid Ethyl Ester Appearance Off White Powder VEEPRHO is an emerging, research-based global pharmaceutical company with... Read More

Clopidogrel EP Impurity D | 1421283-60-4 – Veeprho

Clopidogrel EP Impurity D Catalogue No. - VL31011 CAS No. - 1421283-60-4 Molecular Formula - C24H21Cl2NO4S Molecular Weight - 490.40 IUPAC Name - Methyl (2R)-(2-chlorophenyl)[(2S)-(2-chlorophenyl)[6,7-dihydrothieno[3,2-c]pyridin-5(4H)-yl]acetyloxy]acetate Clopidogrel EP Impurity D (CAS No: 1421283-60-4) or Clopidogrel Related Compound... Read More