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Best for: Those who are really into nature writing, classics. Also might be good for those interested in minimalism or largely living off-grid. Difficulty to digest: Walden is relatively easy to digest... Read More

LED’s segment grabs XX% share of high purity alumina market. Phosphor segment to reach US$ 550 million by 2026. The rapid growth of phosphor-based products such as plasma televisions in... Read More

In Silicon Alloys Market report, the Type segment comprises Ferrosilicon, Deoxidizers, Inoculants and Others. The Ferrosilicon sub-segment held a leading shares due to higher demand for cast iron and steel... Read More

Roaming costs are legal costs that consumers must pay according to their contracts. When you leave your "home" network region and "roam" into the network or coverage region of another... Read More

Plastic drums are expected to have escalated demands owing to the evolution of industries which in turns increased the quality packaging at economical rates. The government norms for the adoption... Read More

A surge in the adoption of digital temperature sensors in a broad range of applications such as medical, aerospace, and scientific applications, in industrial automation and in test and measurement... Read More

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In all industrial industries, such as medical, aerospace, automobile, electronics and appliances, form-in-place liquid gaskets are used. The form-in-place is an accurate technology and a consistent method that requires the... Read More

Center and drag link market is segmented into gross vehicle weight, application, ball size type, and region. On the basis of GVW, rise in urbanization an industrialization in global market... Read More

Potassium methoxide is a white crystalline to yellowish, hygroscopic, odorless crystalline powder, which reacts violently with water forming potassium hydroxide and methanol. The Aqueous solution of potassium methoxide is highly... Read More