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LLP Registration in Mumbai From Startup Registration

LLP Registration in Mumbai From Startup Registration

Submitted by • June 12, 2020

LLP Registration in Mumbai
Limited liability partnership or LLP is a partnership firm in which all partners has limited liabilties. It has the features of both, a partnership and private limited. These firms can be set up under the LLP ACT 2008. The minimum partners requirement is two where aa there is no maximum limit. Foreign partners are also welcomed in these LLP Registration in Mumbai.
Why is LLP Beneficial?
LLP has both the benefits of a private limited company as well as it exhibits the flexibility of a partnership firm.
There is limited liabilities of the partners. Therefore, partners have a sense of security as there is no risk of losing their personal asset.
There are less compliance as conpared to private limited company. No complusory Audit is required.
No minimum investment required.
How to get registered?
1. Director Identification Number : You need to first get the DIN , if you dont have it already. For this a certain fee is paid.
2. Digital Signature or Certificate :

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