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Level of Air pollution and Health risk

Level of Air pollution and Health risk

Submitted by • June 13, 2019

Air pollution simply concerns contaminants in the atmosphere. The source of contaminants can be natural or from human activities. Effects of air pollution to human health is always the main focus in studying the issue (Tabaku, Bejtja, Bala, Toci, and Resuli, 2010). Air pollution is not a modern problem. It started when fire was invented, which produced a lot of smoke in the air that chocked them especially those who inhabited caves. The history of the phenomenon of air quality and pollution started with smoke and it was a major environmental problem. During this time humans depended on burning wood and coal. One of the earliest recorded environmental concern on air pollution was in 1273 when the King of Old England forbade the use of all impure coal because it produced a lot of smoke, suit, and sulphur dioxide when burned. 

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