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Introducing Engati Live Chat

Introducing Engati Live Chat

Submitted by • October 7, 2020

Engati is a no-code chatbot platform with multilingual capabilities for global customers. With our smart AI bots, we help you create the smoothest of customer experiences across 14+ platforms. And now, we're even helping you answer your customers' most complicated questions in real-time with Engati Live Chat. So, let's get started?

9 Reasons why do you need Engati Live Chat for your business?
1 – Make every conversation count
2 – Improve agent productivity in real-time
3 – Build a cost-effective support organization
4 – Reduce response time & Improve CSAT
5 – Manage team efficiency in real-time
6 – Do more with Integrations
7 – Reach a global audience
8 – Flaunt your branding, build recall
9 – Work with a global product

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