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Submitted by • November 27, 2020

Why Picking Flutter for Your MVP Project?
As of late, we've discussed the advantages of using Flutter in portable and IoT development and how utilizing this toolbox assists organizations with sparing a huge load of time and a great deal of cash. In this article, we will talk about regarding this matter from the viewpoint of MVP development and attempt to see if it worth building a viable product in Flutter.

In this article:

Picking between MVP, PoC and prototype.
Top 5 reasons why Flutter is great for MVP development.
Different Pros of Flutter MVP development.
Flutter prototype in IoT.
Before we start, we should quickly audit what is a MVP and how it contrasts from a proof of Concept (PoC) and prototype. These terms are regularly utilized as equivalents. In any case, they do vary, and it is imperative to know what precisely you need contingent upon your objectives. To stop it:

A MVP or a base practical product is an adaptation of a product with enough features to enter the market an

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