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High Performance compounds

High Performance compounds

Submitted by • December 5, 2019

APPL Industries, compounding pioneers in India, are India to the world with its world-class compounding products that speak volumes of the company’s quality standards and R&D support.

Further elaborating APPL value propositions, APPL has been synonymous to trust and our customers have always been valued, and therefore, with our 6 plants, we ensure that all our customers always get on-time deliveries.

With a myriad of engineering polymer compounds, the solutions from APPL are backed by Autodynamics Technologies and Solutions ( Formerly the APPL RTC ) a contemporary Research Design and Technology Centre
( Accredited by NABL )which develops new materials with world-class equipment for raw material testing.

APPL has fully automated plants to ensure consistent material quality and safe working environment for their employees.

As the Indian plastic industry got steam post-1957, over the decades it has witnessed tremendous growth and has evolved as one of the major contributors to the ec

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