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high frequency pcb material

high frequency pcb material

Submitted by • October 30, 2020

The PCB laminate material you choose for high frequency PCB is critical to the overall function and shelf life of the final product. When the working frequency drifts to microwave or even RF area, the selection of PCB laminate material will have a significant impact on the overall loss of the finished circuit after PCB assembly. In determining the best material for a given PCB manufacturing project, careful consideration must be given to electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, so that the selection process is somewhat multifaceted. Fortunately, bitteletronics is here to help you!At bittele, we maintain a healthy and up-to-date demand for PCB laminates in stock to ensure that you can avoid the delivery time of required substrates. Our most common requirement is FR-4 material, which is made of glass fiber braid and epoxy resin, and we always stock it as one of PCB options at standard price. FR-4 is a solid material with excellent thermal properties, which is quite reasonable at RF or microwave frequency level.

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