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high frequency circuit materials

high frequency circuit materials

Submitted by • October 30, 2020

The correct choice of high frequency circuit materials will make your circuit avoid sending mixed signals. The effect of poor quality dielectric constant or loss of suboptimal copper foil may be greater than you think. How can dielectric accurately introduce losses into your system? All dielectric materials are composed of polarized molecules. These molecules vibrate in a magnetic field generated by the signal. The higher the frequency, the greater the vibration, resulting in the loss of energy as heat. This energy loss can be reduced by using a low loss dielectric, but it will be more in the future.Copper conductor itself brings another big loss. You may remember what you learned about skin depth in college. Remember, electrons don’t always flow through the center of the conductor. As the frequency increases, the current is limited to the maximum skin depth. Well, if your copper is made of nickel, it may mean that most of the current flows through the nickel layer. Prosperity, loss.

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