The bendable, weldable and very resistant steel. hardox 500 is abrasion resistant steel with an apparent hardness of 500 HBW. Normal applications are divided and structures subject to wear. hardox 500, hardox 500 wear plates, hardox 500 wear safe steel plates is a bendable and the weldable scraped spot safe plate which is used as a piece of employments that demand higher wear resistance.

hardox 500 is a bendable and weldable scraped area safe steel, with an ostensible hardness of 500 HBW. Reasonable for applications that request higher wear resistance. hardox 500 expands payload and builds benefit life while keeping up great process ability with ensured affect durability when indicated (hardox 500 Tuf).
hardox 500
hardox 500 wear plates
hardox 500 wear resistant steel plates

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