Gophr data reveals growing ‘Pharmacy Deserts’ amid surging closures across England

Online pharmacy delivery partner Gophr has released new data showing a further drop in pharmacy numbers in England, resulting in a phenomenon they
call ‘Pharmacy Deserts’.

Gophr highlighted that a significant portion of the population now lives in ‘pharmacy deserts,’ referring to the situation where an increasing number of urban
residents struggle to access a shrinking number of pharmacies.

For the second consecutive year, Gophr has analysed the data for its ‘Prescription For Pressure’ initiative.

The analysis showed that in 2023, pharmacists dispensed 1.18 billion prescriptions across England, marking an increase of 137 million compared to 2022.

The average number of prescriptions per pharmacy stands at 103,380, which equates to 283 a day.

As calculated by Gophr’s data experts, pharmacy numbers decreased from 11,522 in 2022 to 11,414 in 2023, reflecting a decline of 108 compared to the previous
year’s ‘Prescription For Pressure’.

Gophr’s data also showed that pharmacy deserts are most prominent in the South East (6,024 people per pharmacy), the East of England (5,327), the South West
(5,284), and the Midlands (4,975).

London, which ranked high last year, fell out of the top four, with 4,759 people per pharmacy.