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GDS Software Development

GDS Software Development

Submitted by • February 19, 2020

Our travel booking interface is designed to enable the travel partner to make a reservation directly when they have availability to information like product, price, and information about special price, promotion, services, availability, and similar information. The overview of all the bookings accomplished by the system is also available. This means that the system will allow the administration and the travel partner to track the bookings and arrange them effectively. The system will provide the travel partners with all the documents, allowing them to make the same available for the customers. There is a well-maintained customer support system for the mutual communication between the tour operator and tourist agency and its partners. When a partner makes a booking, the document given is dependent on the action was taken by them. When a request is sent, the offered itinerary follows automatically. When a booking is completed, there is an automated process of sending the invoice. This pr

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