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Fifty-seven Years Without God at the Helm

Fifty-seven Years Without God at the Helm

Submitted by • February 19, 2020

June 2019 marked the fifty-seventh anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision that was basically a message informing God that He was no longer needed as the critical guiding influence in the fabric of American culture and society. Further, from that time forward the federal government would be America’s god. Later the Supreme Court in another decision ruled that the Ten Commandments could no longer be displayed in public buildings and and that public school students should no longer be exposed to the beneficial guidance of God’s Ten Commandments.Those two decisions marked America’s entrance onto the road of apostasy.

The unfolding tragedy is that during those 57 years a number of generations of American young people have educated in the public schools, from elementary through post-secondary education, without the truthful and meaningful exposure to God’s Word or His commandments. Therefore, those individuals have never developed any spiritual resistance to Satan’s temptations of gree

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