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Exclusive Twin and Four Sequins

Exclusive Twin and Four Sequins

Submitted by • November 14, 2019

Exclusive Twin and Four Sequins
A Very Exclusive Feature for Twin and Four Sequin Device.
Setting Desired Patterns of All different Sequins in a single object.
Powerfull Fuse Editing for swapping between different type of sequins even in DST files with a single click.
Set different stitch lengths for every different type of sequins.
Multiple Sequin Types can be used in a single Motif Style.

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#FuseEditing #Typeofsequins #DSTfiles #Stitchlengths #MultipleSequin #MotifStyle

Exclusive Feature, Twin Sequin, Four Sequin, Desired Patterns, Sequins, Fuse Editing, Type of sequins, DST files, Stitch lengths, Multiple Sequin, Motif Style

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