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Drift Escape Police Cop Chase Game 2020 | Free games 2020

Drift Escape Police Cop Chase Game 2020 | Free games 2020

Submitted by • February 12, 2020

Drift Escape, The Real police car chase allowing players to move your car away from cop chase cars. Cop cars will follow you to chase you. Enter the drifting and beat your own best score, earn more points to buy new more upgraded your car chase and play like a boss.
Drift Escape Police Chase is a game for the people who want to play Latest Racing Games. Drift car will try to chase your car like in any other Cop Games but the most interesting thing in our game is that we will drift hard and try to lose cop cars. You can also ride Bike and enjoy the Racing Moto Fever and be a police car chase.
This car drifting concept of running away from the police chase vehicles and saving yourself from the cops. Drive your latest sports drifty car and bikes. It is a kind of running games where you have to run in drifty car chase and collect money while police car chase are trying to chase you. If they catch you, your game will be over.
Tip: Try to blast the Police Chase vans by dodging them.

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