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Dissolved Gas Analyzer For Transformers

Dissolved Gas Analyzer For Transformers

Submitted by • September 4, 2020

The most important and expensive asset in power transmission and distribution networks is the power transformer,so there must have a well-defined maintenance strategy from commissioning to withdrawal so as to ensure an appropriate level of reliability throughout the operational life of the transformer.Although most of the Dissolved gas analyzer continues to be done in the laboratory,now vasthi provides the online real time DGA monitoring with latest sensor technology and IOT solution,as it allows for detection or diagnosis of the faults throughout the life of the power transformers.User can login their individual ID and they can have pre alerts about H2 & Moisture,Oil Temperature.
Using the TransGuard we can monitor the percentages of different gases present in the oil,and can predict the internal condition of the transformer.Generally,the gases found in the oil in such as H2,CH4,C2H6,C2H4,acetylene,CO,CO2,N2,O2

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